We endorse the products trusted by millions, the brand has understood the exact requirement of customers and has evolved very efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly products, with the help of high-end technology. 

Luminark L02 Nano

  • Long Life of led with output of 345 lumens in 360* direction.
  • 3 wtt high efficiency polycrystaline panel makes the lamp light for longer hrs, 5 mtr long wiremakes it possible to place it at a convenient location in the house while charging.
  • The LED works normally for 17-18 hrs on dim (medium) mode and 7-8 hrs. on high mode.
  • Charging time: 8-10 hrs.
  • Soft Push Button.

L04 Solar Home Light System

  • One time full charging can give power backup upto 24 hours depending on the number of bulbs used . 2 Bulb – 12hrs., 3 Bulb – 6hrs.
  • External 4 wtt Pollycristaline pannel.
  • Easy to change battery – Solder free battery replacement.
  • Equipment is compact in size and easy to use and handle.
  • Mobile charging facility with multiple pins.
  • Rigid ABS body bulb, unbreakable.

L05 Solar LED Torch

  • One time investment which will fetch output for years to come with no additional costs being solar based
  • Long Backup
  • Led indicator – Charging.
  • The light can also be used to hang with the help of the holder.

L07 Lunimark Solar Torch

  • Can be charged with solar energy and micro USB
  • Has two uses: Torch Mode 3 hrs., Reading Mode 5 hrs.
  • The torch is handy, durable & totally maintenance-free

Solar Fan L08

  • Can be charged on Solar Energy and with A.C. adapter
  • 20W panel, 0.5 W LED light
  • Emergency mobile charging
  • Easy to use

Solar Mini Home Light L09

  • Affordable and useful.
  • Gives light for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Torch and three LED bulbs can be joined with it.
  • 2000 mAh battery

Solar Street Light L10

  • Sensor operated automatic street light.
  • Charges whole day and automatically turns on when it’s dark in night and turns off when it’s bright in the morning.
  • Facing adjustable solar panel to ensure the solar panel absorbs maximum sunlight.
  • The sensor also works in a way where if a person is passing closer to the light then the brightness increases by 10% and as soon as the person walks away it decrease and becomes as original.
  • Universal mounting bracket enables mounting on a wide variety of poles and wall.
  • The LED works normally for 11-12 hrs on dim (medium) mode and 5-6 hrs. on high mode.